Roman Review 2020: Everything About Roman’s Health Services

Humans aren’t like other living beings because they need more fitness-oriented works done every day in order to remain healthy. The animals have a particular lifestyle that allows them to have healthy meals at intervals that let them be nature wants them to be. Both men and women have to be more conscious of their activities so that they don’t land on the most dangerous health conditions and diseases. Many medicines and supplements have become popular over the years, and the ones used for men’s telehealth is also being brought to the light more. Products are available in plenty, but the right one for your requirements cannot always be found unless you try it out.

Roman is one of the names that registered its brand name and images among the men across the globe. It is a service that aids men in maintaining good health with products that focus on hair loss, allergies, and sexual health. Roman is also an easy way to access online healthcare, offering health support, and the right product for your health issues. All their products have been tested for the various side effects and advantages to ensure the quality of every stage of the service. If you have been thinking of jumping on this bandwagon but are still confused, here is a short review of the various health services offered by Roman.

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What’s Best and What’s Not

Not all brands are fit for men, as some products use chemicals and herbs meant only for women. Roman is recommended for those who want superior quality, convenient, and affordable access to healthcare services for weight management and multiple allergies. Treatments for hair loss and sexual health are in abundance on the internet, but Roman managed to attain a firm position in the competition. However, it requires more time to be on the top as more entrepreneurs are foraying into this business.


  • You can have the doctor visit your place without having to travel all the way to his/her office.
  • The Ro pharmacy network guarantees free shipping within two days.
  • Everything from your treatment details to the packaging is kept confidential and discreet.
  • Unlike in the other healthcare facilities, doctors aren’t incentivized to prescribe any particular medicines. Roman offers patient-centric care.
  • All forms of treatment that have been proven to have positive results are available.
  • The Medical Advisory Board of Roman consists of reputable experts, including a former U.S Surgeon General.
  • Follow-up messaging is available with the Roman doctors, and this is offered for free. All these experts are licensed in the U.S.


  • One of the features that may let down most men is that Roman isn’t available in all the states.
  • None of the products or services purchased will be covered by insurance.
  • The initial consultation costs not more than $15.
  • Since primary care isn’t offered on Roman, you cannot rely on their services completely. It would only be an accompaniment and not a replacement of your usual primary care providers.

Though Roman’s products may offer some great benefits, we recommend you try out their healthcare service that offers a wide range of supportive doctors. Roman is an online venture that works as a part of a movement that engages us more in healthy activities. It promotes various physical and mental exercises and treatments that do not affect your schedules. Also, the medicine will be shipped soon, helping you start with the course within a week or less.

More About Roman

Ro is a telehealth company that offers men and women healthcare products and services. While women were provided with Zero and Rory almost a decade back, men got to experience Ro’s features only in 2017. While Zero and helped people quit smoking, Rory offered basic healthcare advice and prescriptions. Roman follows a nomenclature indicating the service of ‘Ro’ is designed for ‘man.’ The growth of Roman is a sign of an approaching age where telehealth is being explored for more benefits and findings.

With the Ro network, you get easy access to licenses U.S. doctors offering solid treatments in men’s health issues like obesity, allergies, hair loss, and sex. The virtual visit within a network of qualified doctors changed the whole game of online healthcare services. You can enable audio and video when you reach out to the doctor for prescriptions. Multiple products are being offered by Roman; allergy, hair loss, and sexual health are focused the most to provide the patients with the right dose for better growth. A few supportive supplements are also offered to boost prostate and bone health.

Roman for Allergies

When you consult doctors at Roman, you will be offered multiple treatments for allergies. The ones that are usually prescribed include:

  • Montelukast pills
  • Fluticasone nasal spray
  • Azelastine nasal spray
  • Levocetirizine pills

Roman’s treatment for allergies is considered valuable and has been accepted by many people in the U.S.

Roman for Hair Loss Treatment

The treatment you receive will depend on the stage of the hair loss. It would also be based on the doctor’s consultation, which might differ from one professional to another. Make sure to take action soon so that you get the best outcome. Problems are likely to occur when you don’t act as directed. Going astray will render the treatment less effective or lead to the production of several side effects. You mustn’t stop the treatment once you begin it, as the hair loss could resume after some time.

The most common hair loss treatments provided by Roman include:

  • Minoxidil
  • Finasteride
  • Combination treatment with minoxidil and finasteride

Roman for Sexual Health

The areas where Roman specializes in sexual health are:

  • Cold sores
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Genital herpes
  • Erectile dysfunction

Getting Started

All you need to do to use their services is sign up for the consultations and products offered by Roman. Head to the site and select the service that fits your requirement. Once you have paid the $15, wait for the doctor’s visit and review. The pharmacy will then handle your order and process it.

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