Hims Review 2020: All You Need to Know About their Products

Online services have been increasing rapidly for more than a decade, and every area of business has been flourishing to offer users more advanced options. As people have become used to the current state of things, shifting back to the previous condition without the online offerings would be a challenging phase. The convenience associated with the products and services on the internet is the most attractive feature, and being deprived of it is the last thing you would want. The healthcare sector has not completely moved to the sordid space yet, but since many people are operating to form such a network with lousy products, you need to be careful with every purchase. Of all the telehealth services that have partially shifted to the internet, Hims is a name that holds a special place in the books.

As the name suggests, the products and services offered by Hims focus on men’s health. Doctor’s visit is being shifted to the internet through this healthcare provider’s multiple offerings. Andrew Dudum started Hims in 2016 with the skin cream for acne. Though he spent hundreds of dollars on the aforementioned idea of skin cream, the overall health became the bigger concern. So, the light was later focused onto a wider space that requires solutions. If you have known Hims for some time and are seriously considering its services, here is an affirmation of its quality and other special features.

The Good and the Bad

Though you cannot find significant cons in Hims, there are a few that are undoubtedly outweighed by the pros. You can always rely on its products for various health issues as it is a great solution for men looking to improve their overall health. The traditional visits are still preferred by certain people, and this cannot be condemned because some men like to have a real conversation with doctors. However, for all those who want the convenient option, Hims stands as one of the formidable options in the market. Unlike many other online services, Hims delivers the medicines within days of our visit. It provides fast and convenient healthcare services for people seeking help with hair loss, mental health, general health, sexual health, and skincare.


  • Since the prescriptions are offered online, Hims’ service is a convenient option. You don’t need to drive your car to the nearest center for all your healthcare needs.
  • The visit begins as soon as you sign up, meaning you don’t have to wait as you do in the traditional settings.
  • They offer quality care with doctors who are specialized in various departments. All these professionals are licensed to practice medicine in the U.S.
  • One of the most attractive features of Hims is its low-cost offerings and free shipping. You could save more than 50% of what you usually spend on consulting a traditional doctor. Also, the seasonal sale will offer additional benefits. Holiday sale is now on for the users of certain sites that promote Hims.
  • Your personal data and medical information are never shared with others, keeping it encrypted at all times.
  • A COVID-19 test is also offered by the healthcare department to ensure proper bodily conditions for the prescribed treatment.



  • Not all treatments or prescriptions will be covered by your insurance. It depends on your plan.
  • Such non-prescription treatments might require research, and you may have to spend hours studying the medications provided. It is best to opt for an in-person doctor’s visit when the conditions aren’t easily treated online.

Despite the aforementioned cons, Hims offers a great range of online healthcare services. The leading position the brand has acquired in the last few years owes to the doctor quality, convenience, and privacy. Since it is licensed in almost every state, you can use their services during working hours. However, you will need a consultation with the physician to purchase prescription products.

Working of Hims

As mentioned earlier, Hims was founded by Andrew Dudum for those men who aren’t particularly fond of traditional doctors. The apparent friction in the healthcare processes is removed to allow men to solve their problems with products that are best for their conditions. By doing so, they can save money, time, and the embarrassment of visiting a doctor. With the introduction of streamlined processes, every patient will receive better medical attention. It is said to cost less than 25% of what they have to usually pay for the services of a healthcare center or pharmacy.

Hims offers various products for primary care, skincare, hair loss, cold sores, oral herpes, mental health, sexual health, and supplements for general deficiencies. All you need to do to access these services is to get a subscription that contains all the necessary features for your health condition. A recurring monthly subscription is charged for all those patients with a certain health issue, based on the dosage prescribed by the doctor. Subscriptions range from one month to six months, and the right one for you will be determined by the medications. If you aren’t comfortable handling subscriptions must sign up for the short-term plan that allows you to buy the product and cancel after it. On the other hand, if you continue with the subscription, the products will be shipped to your place within a few days. It also enables the easy cancellation feature.

Your plan and prescription will determine the insurance coverage period. Branded products sold by Hims are never covered by the insurance; these include teas, vitamins, and supplements. But you don’t need to worry about the cost since the products are offered at 50-80% of the retail cost.

Hims- Yes or No?

The question may still linger in your head with a doubtful expression because online services are always looked upon with skepticism. However, Hims is different in all its offerings, and it is a great healthcare provider for men. Hims is one excellent alternative for those who dint have time to visit the other doctors. It surely improves the overall health of men by offering medical advice in all major areas.

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