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Take a look at a few of our top services that are taking things forward. 

Online Pharmacy

A complete and beneficial service that is here for your needs by providing a long list of options and features. 

Medical Alert Systems

Creating effective systems of change through alerts since you need to be aware of the right kind of information. 

At-Home Lab Testing

Solving all your problems with at-home lab testing since it is an effortless means to take over everything. 

Diabetes Care

Providing intensive and exclusive care for diabetes patients since they need all our help and support. 

Online Therapy

Helping all kinds of individuals with online therapy as a means to drive forward growth and help you come out of problems.

Digital Clinic

A digitized and modern clinic that is here to drive forward growth and help you get all that you need. 

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Doorstep Pharmacy

Online Consultation

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More Care Options From Live Health Online


Treating the many cases of mental illness and emotional disturbance with a form of care that extends its benefits for the better.


A unique and essential form of treatment that stands to provide the kind of benefits that you need the most.


Decoding the basis of allergies and allergic reactions in order to bring forward the right kind of results. 

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“They have always provided a hassle-free service, and that is more than what I expected.”
Scott S Marro
“Their services are ideal, and they are always ready to come forward to provide the things that customers need.”
Frank N Sands

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A group of professionals who are here to guide you forward.

Will I Miller

Medical Director

Mary D Dennis

Medical Advisor

Hugh D Singleton

Primary, Preventive & Elderly Care

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