5 Best Telemedicine Companies

All of us know how bad the current medical conditions are, confining us to the four walls of monotony. The year 2020 will be remembered for many more decades, mostly for its unprecedented threat to life. A mere touch is all the pandemic requires for mass washout of humanity. Life has changed on multiple levels for everyone, and some of these have been for good. Many of these situations also came with multiple challenges. However, visiting a doctor for your illnesses has become the hardest of all. Since healthcare centers and hospitals have designated areas for the COVID-19 patients, and several people have been tested positive in such facilities, others are quite petrified at the predicament they might fall into from visiting hospitals.


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Additional concerns have been piling up on the existing state of things with the pandemic on the spread. Even those who aren’t fearful of the situation may not always be able to visit the doctors due to their busy schedules. Your current health issues mustn’t be glossed over by the fear of contracting the virus. If you are feeling feverish or have some other health issue, telemedicine can give you exactly what you need. It also allows you to have a discussion with the doctor regarding the recurring medical issues. Since every service has now shifted to the internet, healthcare is also finding its space on your devices. Let us look at some of the best telemedicine companies offering you instant access to the services of a doctor in such emergencies.

1. Teladoc

For those who have been using telemedicine for some time now, Teladoc might be a familiar name. It has been in the digital space for more than a decade, and it was the first telehealth provider in the United States to gain such immense popularity. A favorable rating has been maintained by Teladoc among patients and physicians over the years. People have been relying on Teladoc for several medical issues that cover areas such as sexual health, dermatology, pediatrics, mental health, and other non-emergency issues. The doctors in Teladoc can prescribe medicines through the pharmacy to have them delivered to your place.

Mental health issues are increasing these days; so, if you are looking for a treatment for depression and addiction, Teladoc can be a great solution. To connect with a licensed therapist, you will have to pay at least $90. However, the first psychiatrist visit would cost you around $229. The cost of service would depend on the department you choose to visit virtually. For people without insurance, the fees would range from $49 to $75 for dermatology.

2. MeMD

This is another telemedicine company operating in the US, offering patients healthcare services throughout the day. Unlike many other websites, MeMD is easy to use with simple account creation, followed by a session with a physician or nurse practitioner. A single consultation will allow you the time to discuss multiple conditions and symptoms, and it wouldn’t cost an additional fee. Make sure to check if your healthcare provider is comfortable talking about a second or third health condition. Though lab tests cannot be conducted or ordered through MeMD, previous reports can be used in the upcoming consultations. The doctors of MeMD providers have the authority to send prescriptions to the pharmacy of your choice. All urgent discussions or consultations would cost around $67, both for men and women. Therapy sessions that consist only of discussions are offered at $85. Initial psychiatry visits that last not more than 45 minutes will cost you $229, and the follow-up visits are always $99.

3. iCliniq

iCliniq is a website known for its wide variety of services offered through audio or video calls or as written replies. You can submit questions through the site or consult doctors via the contact numbers provided. The questions will be answered by any one of the 3,000 doctors on the platform. Archived QnA sessions can also be accessed for the most common questions. Video or phone consultations will be available based on the schedule of the specialist you are looking for, and these professionals are also offered a virtual hospital for all forms of medical emergencies. The areas in which iCliniq provides consultations are:

  • Dentistry
  • Dermatology
  • General medicine
  • Sexology
  • Oncology
  • Psychiatry
  • Obstetrics
  • Gynecology

Every new user gets to ask his/her first written question for free. You will get a notification by text or mail when a doctor replies, and it would be later moved to a chat with plans having prices ranging from $30 to $50 based on the hours spent on the platform.

4. Amwell

American Well was a company founded by two doctors who are brothers. This was recently rebranded as Amwell and is now one of the best telemedicine services in the US. The brothers aimed to make basic healthcare affordable to everyone, eliminating barriers between societies and communities. Also, distance, time, and mobility were factors that hindered the efficient functioning of traditional healthcare centers; these were also tweaked and solved by the launch of Amwell. You can use the mobile application from your iPhone or Android to connect with the doctors. By using the service, you will be searching for doctors in the state who match your needs. Each visit will cost around $69 before the insurance coverage. Besides the general medical questions and queries, Amwell also offers video therapy sessions and nutritionists consultation.

5. MDlive

This is a telemedicine company that has been in the business for more than a decade. MDlive has been continuously building up partnerships with several US healthcare systems to expand the network. Since 2009, certified physicians and healthcare professionals have been offering services via MDlive via phone or online videos. Non-emergency conditions like allergies, fever, headaches, urinary infections, and rashes can be easily treated through these sessions. The professionals deal with such conditions and mental health issues. Your urgent visits might cost you around $82 or less, depending on the insurance coverage. Counseling and psychiatric visits cost more than $100 per session.

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