Thank you for making ATA18 a great success

ATA18 was an incredible event. By the numbers, we had over 4,500 participants and more than 200 presentations and sessions, rich with content and learnings.

Moreover, it was a true pleasure meeting so many of you, especially those of you who built the industry and the ATA from the ground floor. Kudos to you all for having the vision and tenacity to ensure tele-services are widely available. And congratulations on the first 25 years!

We had incredible speakers and were often reminded that our industry is at an inflection point and while we’ve enjoyed many successes, we’re only at the beginning of our journey.

How do we ensure another successful 25 years? First, we’re going to change the story. While the impediments are real – reimbursement and licensure issues, for example – it is difficult to emotionally connect with either of these. But when we tell the story of why we do this work – helping people live healthier lives, using technology to enable clinicians to do more good for more people – we will eliminate remaining barriers.

Second, we’ll collaborate with other groups who have the same broad goals. We are stronger and more effective working together. There are many organizations, companies and groups here in the US and around the world who share our vision. There are dozens of new players entering this space every month and we can do great things. Together. And we’re optimistic that we can engage the skeptics.

Finally, we embrace the challenge to “reimagine care” and know that the goal is greater than just replacing a visit with technology. People expect virtual care to be safe, effective, appropriate and ultimately less expensive. We can and we will do more.

Again, many thanks to each and every one of you for making the meeting such a success! I look forward to another terrific 25 years!


Ann Mond Johnson, CEO

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