Healthcare technology moves fast. Consumers are fickle. Competition is fierce. Will these innovations stand out from the crowd? Find out at the ATA18 Pitch Jam!

15 minutes that can change a company’s future.
The American Telemedicine Association’s Annual Conference, ATA18, is the world’s largest innovation & networking event focused on telehealth and telemedicine. At ATA18, our attendees aren’t just interested in healthcare technology. They are the 5,000+ clinicians, academics, policymakers, and decision makers closest to telehealth and telemedicine. Where better to gain valuable feedback from this super-concentrated micro-segment?

We’ve chosen 6 promising startups to pitch to our panel of patients, clinicians, tech industry insiders, and investors. Startups will have 5 minutes to pitch, 7 minutes to field questions from our judges, and 3 minutes to close. Join us for this fast-paced, exciting event on April 29!

Meet the Finalists

American TelePhysicians (ATP) is an innovative digital healthcare organization comprising of American Multi-specialty physicians and IT professionals, providing comprehensive digital healthcare with focus on International Cash Based HealthCare markets. We believe that telemedicine is not mere physician to patient interaction rather it has to be an integration of distant healthcare systems to allow comprehensive connected healthcare. To prove the concept, ATP team first built the comprehensive one stop healthcare platform (US patent applied) along with integrated Universal EMR and launched our first project SHIFA4U (SHIFA means Cure) in Lahore, Pakistan as its first target market in Oct 2017. ATP also established its Clinical Care Center to provide local physicians and telemedicine services as well call center services to facilitate its services to its customers who are less tech savvy. SHIFA4U consolidates local and international healthcare services on its digital portal and provides access to the patients at discounted rates. It also educates patients and guides them to use the services using artificial intelligence. The Services include ordering and comparing prices of imaging & lab tests with home sampling, scheduling of home care services, referral guidance for outpatient procedures or surgeries and appointments with local physicians as well as access to American and International Expert Physicians for second opinion using integrated Universal EMR. SHIFA4U also provides triage recommendations to patients based on their results and queries. Its system utilizes built-in assisted intelligence protocols, designed by our American Physicians, which not only help local physicians to provide uniform high standard of care but also guide patients for further plan of care as per American Preventive HealthCare model.


Musical Health Technologies (also known as SingFit) is finding new solutions for everything from dementia and depression to chronic pain and Parkinson’s disease, by using the world’s oldest medicine: music. Our SingFit solutions are already transforming music into medicine in a 21st century fashion, driven by technology and widely accessible at a cost effective price point. In 2014, we launched SingFit PRIME to address a desperate need in the healthcare market: a successful treatment for 40 million people living with dementia worldwide, 5.5 million of whom reside in the United States. In 2018, as the result of a nationwide deal with a Top-5 senior living provider, SingFit PRIME has increased its client base from 140 to 400 senior living communities. There are now more than 1,400 trained and certified SingFit PRIME facilitators who utilize music as medicine to treat over 26,000 older adults on a daily basis. Each SingFit PRIME client pays a yearly subscription fee for access to proprietary Lyric Coach music platform, online training and music therapist-designed-protocols. The best way to understand the power of SingFit is to see it in action. Click to Watch 3 Minute Explainer Video.


QT Medical is a medtech startup focusing on electrocardiogram (ECG). We make the first and only hospital-quality 12-lead ECG for patients to use at home. QT ECG is wireless, digital, using mobile devices and operating in the cloud. It is made so easy that patients with no training can do a full 12-lead ECG in the comfort of the home.


SkinIO is a full-body skin screening service that combines iPad-based full-body imaging and lesion detection with review by dermatologists to detect skin cancer early and avoid unnecessary biopsies.


TalkPath™ Live delivers one-on-one, live online therapy services to the whole of the consumer market, but we’re especially concentrated on providing IEP-prescribed services for school-aged children—namely, speech-language therapy, occupational therapy, mental health and behavioral counseling, direct academic instruction, and psychoeducational assessment. We’ve devised a novel tripartite system, within a platform-agnostic model, to deliver superior teletherapy services that yield superior outcomes. This system consists of: (1) “state-of-the-art humanity,” which is our foundational approach to focusing on the personal aspect of a supposedly impersonal mode of treatment while simultaneously leveraging leading-edge technology to its best advantage for populations most in need; (2) special education expertise, which distinguishes us from other school providers, in that our leadership team has a joint total of 50+ years of experience serving specifically K–12 students with special needs; and (3) TalkPath™ Classroom, which is our proprietary practice platform that supplements our live sessions, available to all users 24/7, completely free of charge, to extend the learning far beyond timed therapist-student meetings, allowing for virtually unlimited gains and skills advancement. Tackling pressing issues in today’s optimal delivery of essential therapeutic interventions, we’ve got the “perfect storm” combination of heart, experience, and technology to represent next-generation state-of-the-art related/ancillary services for schools and school districts nationwide.


VectraCor Inc, a medical device company which has innovative ECG technology; is FDA & CE cleared and actively selling in hospitals and doctors’ offices across the globe. We are the first and only company in the world that has the capability that can detect a potential heart attack in real time, continuously, and non-invasively with our Cardiac Electrical Biomarker; and derive a 15-22 lead ECG with JUST 5 Electrodes. Our technology is proprietary and patented worldwide. Everyone knows someone who has died of a heart attack, wouldn’t it be nice if you can detect it on the onset? Here at VectraCor we now have the capability to detect a heart attack in real time with our patented– FDA/CE approved CEB (Cardiac Electrical Biomarker) color-coded index number that indicates if over a certain number you are developing a heart attack. As you can imagine this has tremendous potential to be in any electronic device in the future (Cell phone, Wearables, etc.)

Meet the Judges

  • Samir Batra, Founder & CEO BAHA Enterprises
  • Grant Chamberlain, Managing Director, Ziegler Healthcare Investment Banking, ATA Board Member
  • Naomi Fried PhD, Founder & CEO, Health Innovation Strategies, ATA Board Member
  • Steven Gould MD, Founder & Principal, The Gould Consulting Group