Healthcare technology moves fast. Consumers are fickle. Competition is fierce. Will your innovation stand out from the crowd? Share it and shop it at the ATA18 Pitch Jam!

15 minutes that can change your company’s future.
The American Telemedicine Association’s Annual Conference, ATA18, is the world’s largest innovation & networking event focused on telehealth and telemedicine. At ATA18, our attendees aren’t just interested in healthcare technology. They are the 5000+ clinicians, academics, policy makers and deciders closest to telehealth and telemedicine. Where better to gain valuable feedback from this super-concentrated micro-segment?

We’re looking for 6 promising startups to pitch to our panel of patients, clinicians, tech industry insiders and investors. Startups will have 5 minutes (12 slides max) to pitch, 7 minutes to field questions from our judges, and 3 minutes to close.

Apply today for your company to be considered for the American Telemedicine Association’s Telehealth Pitch Jam happening April 29, 2018 at ATA18 at McCormick Place in Chicago, IL

The Prizes

  • A 5-minute professional promo video made onsite at ATA18. This video will be played on social
    media boards throughout ATA18 and receive prominent placement on the ATA website after
    conference (A $10,000 value)
  • A complimentary exhibit booth at ATA19 ($2,400 value)
  • An invitation to speak at the ATA19 conference—we can’t wait to hear about the journey you and your company will take!
  • Logo placement on ATA’s website site identifying your company as the winning company of the ATA18 Pitch Jam
  • Bragging rights that are priceless

Application Deadline

Application deadline is 5pm, March 21, 2018


  • To be eligible for the ATA18 Pitch Jam, companies must be making less than 1,000,000 a year in
    revenue and must be an ATA Start Up Member and/or a Matter member.
  • Solutions must take a novel approach to addressing a significant healthcare challenge. The
    solution must have the ability to scale.
  • We will feature companies that are focused on telehealth, digital health and will be of interest
    to the ATA audience. Our judges’ decision on accepted entrants will be final.

While no purchase is necessary to enter, all Pitch Jam contestants are encouraged to purchase booth
space in the Innovation Zone on the ATA18 Expo floor for additional exposure. The Innovation Zone
booths are deeply discounted and subsidized to support startups.

Finalists will be notified by March 30, 2018. ATA18 Pitch Jam will take place on April 29th.


There is no fee to apply however the company must be an ATA start-up member and individual
attendees must be registered for the conference.

Contact Information

  • Contact Information
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Company Name
  • Company URL
  • Company Address
  • Email
  • Phone Number
  • Will you be the person make the pitch if selected? If no, please write in who


  • When was your company incorporated (or equivalent?)
  • Provide a brief description of your company and project
  • What problem are you trying to solve with your product or service? (200 words or less)
  • What is innovative about your product or service? What distinguishes you from other products and / or services on the market? (200 words or less)
  • How much revenue are you generating per month?
  • Has your company generated any traction thus far? If yes, please provide your company’s traction data (200 words or less)
  • Provide a brief biography of the CEO or Founders
  • Any other information why your business deserves a place in the Pitch Jam competition (200 words or less)


  • Please submit the complete application from before 5:00 pm on Wednesday, March 21th, 2018
  • There is no fee to enter this competition
  • All participants must be Startup members of ATA or members of Matter
  • A shortlisting process may be used depending on the number of entrants
  • Successful applicants will be notified by close of business 5 pm on Friday March 30th, 2018
  • All applicants are required to register for ATA18
  • On April 29th, each participant will be allocated 7 mins to pitch. Additional time will be allocated for Q&A with the Judge.
  • A limit of 10-12 slides (Animation is allowed)
  • The following questions should be addressed:
    • What does your business do?
    • What is the potential of this business
  • Please bring your final presentation on a USB drive to the conference and email the presentation in advance to